The best way to stay efficient while learning Vim

Or how to overcome the famous question
"How do I quit this @#!?"
Latest update: 2024/05/31

Learn Vim the smart way.

I'm convinced that everybody should be able to learn Vim and that it's just a problem of documentation. With this ebook you will:

  • Stay productive while learning Vim
  • Get a modern customizable IDE
  • Learn why Vim seems so strange
  • Get a selection of the best Vim plugins
  • Have fun :-)
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Good looking Vim

It's not because we are geeks that we should use awful color schemes. Or should we?

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Plugin selection

Using Vim without plugins doesn't make any sense. It's like using a Smartphone without any app.

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Smooth learning curve

If you don't quit the first week, you'll be using it for the rest of your life. It's my bet!

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Creative Commons

You are free to do whatever you want (well, almost, see the licence details here) with the ebook.

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Free price

You're free to pay whatever you want. Money, email or a thank you are fine. More about free price here.

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Open Source

The entire source code is available on my Github profile. Be sure to check it out!

1 – Introduction

A brief overview of the advantages of vim and why it is one of the best investments you can make in your career.

2 – Usable Vim

In this chapter we see how to configure Vim to make it usable by a "normal" human. Syntax highlighting, file explorer (vim-fern), color scheme (Solarized), using the mouse ... We also discuss why it is important to abandon the mouse for the health of your hands / fingers. You can also directly download the entire chapter.

3 — The text editor you've always dreamed of

Once you will be able to use Vim "normally" thanks to the previous chapter, we will see here how to take full advantage of Vim. We introduce keyboard shortcuts as well as modes. We begin by gradually to do without the mouse.

4 — Essential plugins

In this chapter, we put Vim to the next level. We add plugins such as Lusty Explorer (file explorer using the keyboard) or fzf (searching everything everywhere).

5 — Cheatsheet & examples

We finally provide a set of useful/essential shortcuts to master keyboard text editing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would this site be serious without a FAQ?

Q. Is it really free?

Free price doesn't mean that it's free. I firmly believe that everybody has something to give in exchange of this ebook. The difference is just that I let you fix the price. It can be whatever you want: money, email or a thank you are fine. More about free price here.

Q. Can I get a preview of the content?

Sure, you can even download the first chapter

Q. Is this ebook suited for Vim experts?

Clearly not. This book is for Vim novices wishing not to quit after two days. The goal is to help you take the first step without losing all your productivity. There are a lot of resources available for gurus, like: A byte of vim, Vimbits, Learning The Vi and Vim Editors and Practical Vim.

Q. Can I thank you and share the love?

The ebook is published under the CC licence Licence Creative Commons.

So you can share it as you want!